How do we know our confectionery is so good? Licorice lovers from across the globe taste our products and can't wait to tell us how good it is. That's how we know our legendary black and red licorice, with soft juicy mouth-feel and a perfect flavour balance, is loved worldwide. Now we’ve added more sweet delights to our range; individually flavoured allsorts, licorice wrapped in chocolate, chocolate wrapped in licorice... satisfy your cravings and get some RJ’s Confectionery now!

RJS Licorice Allsorts 280g 700pxW


Soft Eating, Allsorts, Smallsorts, Choc Twists, Candy Coated Balls, Choc Balls, Bullets, Tallsorts and Logs
Heards Barley Sugar 110g 700pxW


Barley Sugar, Butterscotch and Fruit Refreshers.
Oddfellows Mints 2019 700pxW


Mint, Strongmint and Spearmint.
Fabulicious Sherbert Fizz 200g 700pxW


Raspberry Twister, Raspberry Sherbert Fizz and Green Apple Sherbert Fizz.
Black Knight 250g 700pxW

Black Knight

Medley box, 500g and 180g bags.
RJS Mackintoshs Licorice Toffee 170g 700pxW


Toffee de Luxe and Licorice toffee.
Fruit Tingle 4 Pack

Life Savers

Musk, Blackcurrant Pastilles, Fruit Pastilles and Fruit Tingles.