Liquorice or Licorice?

The spelling doesn't matter. If it comes from RJ's Licorice, it's yummy!

natural licorice bags

Natural Soft Eating Licorice

It's soft to the bite with a tantalising licorice flavour to please every palate. Tasty! Make sure you also give Raspberry soft eating a try!
mango white choc packaging

Chocolate Twists

Here’s a twist on licorice, mango wrapped around a creamy white choc centre. Or if its milk choc you're after, licorice or raspberry twists could be your style.
sour allsorts

Licorice Allsorts

Colour means flavour with an RJ's Licorice allsort.
raspberry choc bullets 220g

Licorice Choc Bullets

These bullets will hit the target. They’re a shot of delicious, delectable chocolate wrapped around RJ's Licorice - soft original or raspberry flavour.
licorice choc log triple

Licorice Logs

RJ's Licorice luscious licorice logs are for the moments when one bite just isn’t enough. Grab one today, and go to your happy place

Do your mouth a favour and try RJ's Licorice today!

RJ's Licorice is available from all leading supermarkets and convenience stores.

Congratulations, licorice lover, you've just discovered RJ's Licorice, the world's finest licorice maker. Once you've tried RJ's Licorice, your taste buds will be left wanting more of our amazing allsorts and licorice treats.

RJ's Licorice is serious about licorice, and that’s why licorice is the only confectionery we make. Our products are all made in New Zealand with the finest ingredients. Explore our site and find out why we’re making the world a better licorice place

(RJ's Licorice takes no responsiblity for watering mouths or licorice cravings)

What’s yummy & new:

On the Streets of Wellington. New Zealand

ZM Wellington hit the streets recently loaded with delicious
RJ’s Licorice product.