Early Civilisations and Licorice

29 November 2014 | Permalink

Find out what early civilisations used licorice for

  • The Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Assyrians, Babylonians and the ancient Chinese all used liquorice as a flavouring and a medicine.
  • In ancient China, liquorice was believed to give strength, prolong life and has been attributed to having divine powers of healing.
  • In Egypt the Pharaohs used liquorice to create a traditional drink called erqesos, which was consumed as a healing tonic.
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Sweets included nougat and liquorice.
  • In the Buddhist religion, an infusion of liquorice root is used in the ceremony of bathing the statue of the Buddha on the morning of his birthday.
  • Brahma, the Hindu god praised liquorice as a ‘General tonic, cosmetic and elixir of life”