Fabulicious Announcement

15 March 2019 | Permalink

Fabulicious Announcement

Since the recent acquisition of Fabulicious products in August 2018, RJ’s acknowledges that there have been issues since manufacturing these products around matching the flavour and texture of these products. Making licorice is like making a cake. Just because you have the same recipe doesn’t mean you get the same result.

We had to move fast when we purchased the Fabulicious brand as there was limited stock and therefore time to get our own manufacturing up and running of these Kiwi icons. Making the products proved to be a lot harder than we thought. We have a talented and passionate team but they were challenged. We had the recipe but couldn’t quite match the Fabulicious product. We were not close enough and with fanatical fans of Fabulicious we received many comments and complaints. For that we truly apologise and are grateful that so many of you care enough to tell us what you thought. So we doubled down on our efforts to match the product.

With every new batch being created our team have been tirelessly working on getting these products right on our machines and we believe we are really close to what our Fabulicious consumer is used to enjoying. So please keep letting us know what you think. It really helps.

RJ’s apologises for any inconvenience that this may have caused and hope you continue to enjoy our Fabulicious product in the future.